Minutes of Meetings

Meeting dates

Meetings are held at 7.30pm in Kilry Hall on the last Thursday in February, May, August and November, and otherwise as necessary. In 2016 meetings are scheduled for:


Minutes are listed below in reverse date order, i.e. the latest at the top. Please note that the latest minutes are draft until approved by the next meeting. Also included are any other reports or documents, such as the Police Report, relevant to that meeting.

2017 Minutes

25th May 2017
25th May Minutes 2017
23rd February 2017
2rd February Minutes 2017

2016 Minutes

24th November 2016
24th November Minutes 2016
25th August 2016 incl. AGM
25th August Minutes 2016 including AGM minutes
26th May 2016
26th May Minutes 2016
25th February 2016
25th February Minutes 2016

2015 Minutes

27th November 2014
Minutes 26th November 2015
27th August 2015
Minutes 27th August 2015
Annual General meeting 27th August 2015
AGM Minutes 27th August 2015 (including Chair's Report)
28th May 2015
28th May Minutes 2015
26th February 2015
26th February Minutes 2015

2014 Minutes

27th November 2014
Minutes 27th November 2014
28th August 2014
Minutes 28th August 2014
Police Report 28th August 2014
Annual General meeting 28th August 2014
AGM Minutes 28th August 2014
29th May 2014
29th May Minutes 2014
Police Report 29th May 2014
27th February 2014
27th February Minutes 2014
Police Report 27th February 2014

2013 Minutes

28th November 2013
28th November Minutes 2013
29th August 2013
Minutes 29th August 2013
Annual General meeting 29th August 2013
AGM Minutes 29th August 2013
30th May 2013
30th May Minutes 2013
Police Report 30th May 2013
28th February 2013
28th February Minutes 2013
Police Report 28th February 2013

2012 Minutes

29th November 2012
Minutes 29th November 2012
Police Report 29th November 2012
30th August 2012
Minutes 30th August 2012
Police Report 30th August 2012
Annual General meeting 30th August 2012
AGM Minutes 30th August 2012
31st May 2012
31st May Minutes
Police Report 31st May 2012
23rd February 2012
23rd February Minutes
Police Report 23rd February 2012

2011 Minutes

24th November 2011
Minutes 24th November 2011
Police Report 24th November 2011
25th August 2011
Minutes 25th August 2011
Police Report 25th August 2011
Annual General meeting 25th August 2011
AGM Minutes 25th August 2011
26th May 2011
26th May 2011 Minutes
Police Report 26th May 2011
24th February 2011
24th February 2011 Minutes
Police Report 24th February 2011

2010 Minutes

25th November 2010
Minutes 25th November 2010
No Police Report
25th October 2011
Minutes 25th October 2010
This was the inaugural meeting following the 2010 election for Community Councilors.
Minutes before October 2010
These minutes are not available on-line.