Planning applications notified to KLWCC by Angus Council.

Planning Applications submitted week ending: 01/09/2018
Application ReferenceDescriptionPeriod before determination, to:
18/00684/FULLRemoval of Existing Extension and Construction of New Utility Room and Kitchen
At: Downfield Cottage Main Road Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5LP

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Previous applications 2015/16/17 (latest first)
Application ReferenceDescriptionPeriod before determination, to:
18/00649/LBC & 18/00655/FULLAlterations and Extension to Northernmost Single Storey Portion of Existing Dwelling
At: Foldend House Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JA
18/00637/FULLProposed Demolition of Ruinous Buildings and Erection of Dwellinghouse & Double Garage & Proposed Change of Use of Land from Agricultural to Domestic Garden Ground
At: Site 244M South East Of Olimuir Kirriemuir
18/00479/FULLAlterations and extensions to Parkend House to form a new Living Kitchen Dining, Utility Room and entrance, car port, bedroom with ensuite on ground floor with bedrooms on upper floor
At: Parkend Cortachy Road Kirriemuir DD8 4PD
18/00481/LBCConversion of Stables & Stores to form Dwellinghouse
At: Melgam House Bridgend Of Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JH
18/00491/FULLConversion of Bothy and Store to a Holiday Let
At: Muir Of Pearsie Glen Prosen Kirriemuir DD8 4RQ
18/00467/FULLErection of a Single Span General Purpose Agricultural Building as a replacement for Existing Agricultural Buildings
At: Balbrydie Kinnordy Kirriemuir DD8 5HS
18/00428/FULLConversion and change of use of former Stables to Estate Office and installation of balcony roof light to Stables Flat.
At: Stables Flat Airlie Castle Kirriemuir DD8 5NG
18/00365/FULLErection of L Shape Terrace of 8 Cottage Style Flats
At: Plots 6, 7 & 8 Kirkton Of Kingoldrum Kirriemuir
18/00280/FULLErection of Dwellinghouse
At: Broomhall Cottage Kilry Blairgowrie PH11 8HU
18/00328/FULLUpgrade of Existing Access and formation of Track
At: Land West Of Balloch Glen Isla
18/00338/FULLErection of Single-Story Conservatory at the Front of Property
At: The Farmhouse Reedie Kirriemuir DD8 5LX
18/00206/LBCInternal and External Alterations to Dwellinghouse as part of Renovation Works
At: Kinnordy Home Farm Kinnordy Kirriemuir
18/00209/LBCInternal and External Alterations to Dwellinghouse as part of Renovation Works
At: Kinnordy Home Farm Kinnordy Kirriemuir
18/00211/LBCInternal and External Alterations to Dwellinghouse as part of Renovation Works
At: Kinnordy Home Farm Kinnordy Kirriemuir
18/00010/PRIORNErection of General Purpose Store
At: West Craigloch Farm Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JJ
17/00914/PRIORNErection of Storage Shed
At: Olimuir Kirriemuir DD8 5HT
17/01008/LBCExternal Remedial Works and Partial Internal Conversion of Former Store to Estate Office
At: Stables Flat Airlie Castle Kirriemuir DD8 5NG
17/00650/LBCApplication of Plasterboard in place of former Lathe and Plaster within Rooms RP13, RP14 and RP1
At: Balintore Castle Balintore Kirriemuir DD8 5JS
17/00721/FULLErection of Doucble Garage
At: 8 Oak Wynd Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5BB
17/00837/FULLErection of Three Bedroom Dwellinghouse With Access Driveway
At: West Kinwhirrie Farm Steading Kirriemuir
17/00846/FULLProposed Alterations and Roof Transplant to Dwellinghouse
At: 3 Westbank Terrace Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5LF
17/00790/FULLConversion of Existing Steading to Single Dwellinghouse
At: Easter Peathaugh Glen Isla
17/00777/PRIORNPrior Notification for Farm-related Building Works (Non-residential)
At: Wester Doldy Farmhouse Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8QJ
17/00815/LBCProposed replacement Windows from Traditional Sash & Case to Double Glazed Sash & Case
At: Mains Of Balfour Farmhouse Kingoldrum Kirriemuir DD8 5HW
17/00824/FULLInternal Alterations, formation of new openings in existing external wall, removal of a section of single storey roof and formation of first floor lounge in new roof space, new internal stair and creation of ground and first floor external terraces
At: Steading Cottage Bridgend Of Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JH
17/00767/FULLChange of Use of Agricultural Shed to Domestic Storage
At: Nether Balgray Kirriemuir DD8 5EX
17/00768/FULLInstallation of 99.8kW hydro scheme, including construction of a mitigation weir and intake, a buried penstock and a turbine shed with an outfall to the Prosen Water
At: Field 320M North Of Old Mill Pearsie Kirriemuir
17/00717/FULLExtension to Rear of Dwellinghouse, Extension to Existing Garage, Change of Use of Land to Additional Garden Ground
At: Craigsanqhar Baikie Airlie Kirriemuir DD8 5NY
17/00730/FULLErection of new dwellinghouse (Renewal of 14/00501/PPPL)
At: 1 Craigisla Cottages Alyth Blairgowrie PH11 8HW
17/00732/FULLConversion of Redundant Stone Byre to a Dwellinghouse
At: Nether Balgray Kirriemuir DD8 5EX
17/00539/FULLInstallation of 27.5m High Lattice Tower, Headframe; 3 No. Antennas, 3 No. Remote Radio Units (RRUs) (298x127x351mm), 2 No. 300mm Dish, 2No. Cabinets (1 No. 1300x700x1450mm; 1 No. 600x400x1535mm), Foundation, 2.1m High Weld Mesh Fence with 3-Strand Barbed Wire and all Ancillary Development
At: Field 120M North West Of Parkend Cortachy Road Kirriemuir
17/00633/LBCReplacement of Carmyllie slate with second hand scots slates on South Range and other associated and repair works
At: Kinnordy Home Farm Kinnordy Kirriemuir
17/00666/FULLProposed Erection of Stable Block within Equestrian Field (for personal use only)
At: Field North Of Drumgell Kilry
17/00627/FULLProposed Downtakings, House Extension and Erection of Detached Double Garage
At: 3 Glenmarkie Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8QB
17/00587/FULLNew Shed
At: Ruthven Parish Church Ruthven
17/00603/PRIORNErection of General Purpose Agricultural Building
At: Knowhead Farm Kilry Blairgowrie PH11 8JA
17/00526/FULLInstallation of 30kW micro hydro scheme, including construction of a small weir and intake box, a buried penstock and a small turbine shed with an outfall to the Quharity Burn
At: Field 130M South West Of Auldallan Steading Auldallan Kirriemuir
17/00516/FULLConversion of Remaining Portion of Existing Steading Building with Alterations and Extension of Building to Suit
At: Clintlaw Steading Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JF
17/00368/FULLErection of 8 Glamping Pods at Peel Farm as part of an Agri Tourism Diversification Project to the Existing Farm Business
At: Field South Of Peel Farm Lintrathen Kirriemuir
17/00475/FULLSingle Storey Extension to Dwellinghouse
At: Cairnhill Cottage Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JJ
17/00483/FULLRenewal of Planning Approval 14/00439/FULL within time period
At: Land 35 Metres South West Of Kirkside House Kirkton Of Glen Isla Glen Isla
17/00362/FULLVehicle Access, Turning Area and Timber Stacking in Connection with Proposed Forestry Operations.
At: Woodland SE Of Pitewan Lintrathen Kirriemuir
17/00282/LBCInstallation of External Vents as Part of Internal Refurbishments on the Ground Floor
At: Kinnordy House Kinnordy Kirriemuir DD8 5ER
17/00286/PRIORNErection of a Farm Shed for Housing Cattle and the Storage of Feed
At: Auchenleish Farmhouse Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8PN
17/00209/MSCLErection of Dwellinghouse
At: Land Betweem Nock A Dhu And Landalla Cottage Kirkton Of Glen Isla Glen Isla
17/00115/LBC &
Conversion Existing Church Building to form Caretakers Flat & Meeting and Leisure Space
At: Parish Kirk Kirkton Of Kingoldrum Kirriemuir DD8 5HW
17/00131/FULLErection of General Purpose Shed
At: Field 200M West Of Auchendorie Auchendorie Kirriemuir
16/00971/LBCPartially Demolish Outbuildings and Extend Farmhouse
At: Milton Of Ruthven Ruthven Blairgowrie PH12 8RG
16/01001/FULLChange of use from Existing Offices to 2no. Semi Detached Dwelling Houses
At: Office Bellwood Tree Nursery Brigton Of Ruthven Ruthven
16/00951/FULLReplacement of Existing Access Steps with New Raised Terrace and Access Stairs, Erection of Flat Roofed 'sit-oot-ery' Building Extension to South Elevation
At: Fentonhill House Airlie DD8 5PA
16/00949/FULLErection of a Grain Store
At: West Herdhill Farm West Herdhill Kirriemuir
16/00732/FULLErection of Ancillary Accommodation to Main Dwellinghouse
At: East Carraig No 1 Main Road Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5LP
16/00716/FULLReplacement Double Garage
At: Cottage No 1 Wester Cardean Meigle Blairgowrie PH12 8RB
16/00664/FULLExtension to Front of Property to form Porch and Utility Area
At: White Cottage Newton Of Airlie Airlie Kirriemuir DD8 5NN
16/00668/FULLChange of Use from Agricultural Building to Domestic Storage
At: Bellwood Tree Nursery Brigton Of Ruthven Ruthven
16/00680/S37Erection of 11KV Overhead Line
At: Land At Greenmyre Cottage Kingoldrum
16/00534/LBCInstallation of a Secondary Glazing System Consisting of Transparent Polycarbonate Panels over the Existing Windows in order to Preserve the Windows and the Window Frame
At: Glenisla Parish Kirk Kirkton Of Glen Isla Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8PH
16/00563/PRIORNPrior Notification for Forestry-Related Building Works (non-residential)
At: Land At The Crock Glen Isla
16/00385/FULLExtension to Dwellinghouse to Form Sun Lounge
At: Easter Coul Balintore Kirriemuir DD8 5JR
16/00187/FULLChange of Use from Agricultural Land to Garden Ground.
At: The Croft Herdhillmuir Kirriemuir
16/00270/FULLAlterations, Refurbishment and Extension to Existing Dwellinghouse
At: Parkside Main Road Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5LP
16/00059/FULLAlterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse
At: Druminoch Kingoldrum Kirriemuir DD8 5HD
15/01159/FULLExtension to Dwelling house
At: 12 Oak Wynd Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5BB
16/00001/FULLChange of Use from Game Larder to Office Accomodation
At: Former Saw Mill Pearsie Kirriemuir
15/01112/PPPLNew Build Dwelling House in Side Garden of Existing Property. Reinstatement of Previously Lapsed Consent 07/00932/OUT
At: Bens Acre Airlie Kirriemuir DD8 5NP
15/01148/FULLAlteration and Extension To Provide Dining Area/Family Room and Garage/Store
At: The Farmhouse Cairnleith Kirriemuir DD8 5ND
15/00903/FULLFor: Extension for Disabled Toilets
At: Glenisla Hotel Kirkton Of Glen Isla Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8PH
15/00841/FULLFor: Alterations to Roof and Extension to House
At: Beeches Main Road Westmuir Kirriemuir DD8 5LP
15/00816/PRIORNFor: Proposed Storage Shed and Formation/Alteration of a Private Way
At: Field 315M Northof Baldovie Farm Kingoldrum
15/00792/FULLFor: Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse
At: 2 Meikle Kenny Cottage Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JD
15/00821/EIASCRFor: Installation of a Single Pole Between Existing Poles 113 and 114 of the Existing 11kV Overhead Service Line
At: Tulchan Lodge Folda Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8QW
15/00798/FULLFor: Erection of Dwellinghouse
At: Land East Of Inzion Balintore Kirriemuir
15/00699/FULLFor: Change Kitchen Existing Windows To French Doors & Construct Balcony Outside As Viewing Point
At: Waterfall Cottage Bridgend Of Lintrathen Kirriemuir DD8 5JH
15/00611/MDPODischarge of Planning Obligation relating to Planning Permission Reference 01/01205/FUL at Land At The Welton, Kingoldrum, Kirriemuir, Angus, DD8 5HY, being land registered under title number ANG12625 (the site"), for Elizabeth Anne Nicol Lang secured by an agreement under Section 75 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 between Angus Council and Elizabeth Anne Nicol Lang and Clydesdale Bank Public Limited registered in the Land Register of Scotland under title number ANG12625
At: Falls Of Holm Kingoldrum Kirriemuir DD8 5HY
15/00130/FULLDemolish flat roof extension and conservatory to east end of property, and erect new extension. Also, alter and extend garage to west end of property
At: Dillavaird Cottage Alyth Blairgowrie PH11 8JU
15/00108/FULLConservatory to be erected. Resubmission of 14/00496/FULL
At: Wester Inverharity Glen Isla Blairgowrie PH11 8QL
15/00047/S36Erection of a wind farm comprising of 18 turbines
At: Land At Macritch Hill Glen Isla
[East and North of Backwater Reservoir]
15/00050/PRIORNPrior notification for proposed new farm building
At: Dalbrahaddan Farm Alyth Blairgowrie PH11 8HN

Archived planning applications for previous years. Note that it is possible that some applications are still in the process of being determined or subject to appeal, particularly those relating to wind farms.